The sun radiate a huge number of energy in form of light and heat to the universe. Each day it goes from low to high, from east to south on earth. It’s position and color shows the time of the day, It’s track indicate the seasons of the year. According to researches, Our eyes have a specific type of cell which can only sense the brightness of the lights. And meanwhile they have huge impact to our biological clock. That means, the light around us is telling the time without our consciousness.
How important it is, the light around us. How interesting and meaningful it would be, if we can make artificial lights as good as the light delivered by the sun directly. Because our modern life let us living even longer under artificial light then under the sunlight.
The characteristics of sunlight are countless. But there are three most important characters: The brightness, temperature and position of the lights. The development for the first two requirements are easy to build with LED technology. The third one is not. Out of about seven different ways to let things to move in room. I decided to use a very similar way like Delta 3D printer to do the job. After thousands of ours with hammer, computer, drill, solder iron and much more. I finished this prototype. It works fine, but as the most early stage prototype, it addressed also a whole bunch of problems. Which I’d in the second prototype to solve.


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