In this page you see Documentation of my small projects.

Bauhaus Leuchtet

In summer 2011 I participated this one week long workshop in Bauhaus Dessau.
In five days our team give up a very impressive contribution. We build up a system in which the PC controlled through DMX controllers many overhead projectors. These projector have their own patterns to project. These patterns included historical photos of this building and some photos about its design features. While we were presenting. Along with music, all professors and students looked up to see this huge scene that made of different photos, which appeared /disappeared randomly like there were a small talkshow between different over head projectors about the story of bauhaus. And our Team got a very good note later, either.


In 2012 I was inspired by the working principal of Dot Matrix Printer. I decided to build this small prototype using the same rule “print” something on a photo with long exposure time (about 30 seconds).
The final effect is a Photo with LEDs as “dots” leave the sentence – “Ich liebe Burg-Halle Gfast”. Which means in German “I love art school Burg-Halle. Gfast”


Consumer electronics are good. But the problem is, every electronic products is made of many a huge number of parts. If one of them won’t work, the whole product is dead, because the reparation for it are not economically efficient enough.
In order to see how big the “inefficiency” is and what I’d get if I only pay some time and creativity but not even a cent on it, I made this “DC-Schraiber”. Which mean “DC powered drill” in German, because through the modification the drill is powered by DC transformer but not a battery with short lifetime. It works great, and even got some “Homemade” aesthetics.


working in progress…

Typografische Protest

working in progress…


working in progress…

Big 7 Segment Display

working in progress…