Smaker is a robot that can be controled by a smartphone or just a computer to automatically take photos which can be used to produce motional Time-lapse sequences later. since each step of the photo sequence should be somehow steady and average from the context steps, I put 4 steppers in this machine to let she have a smooth\average and flexible motion possibility. Meantime I developed a small APP in processing to translate the OSC signal from smartphone into the self-developed wireless language that SMaker can read. In Summary, I’ve used arduino, processing, TouchOSC, Inventor(to design the structure), developed a robot that controlled by smartphone or computer which can take Time-lapse films in motion. the final effect is actually perfect, all of the expected functions worked but due to the bad workinged axises, the Time-lapse from she looks still not that good like the pieces from other machines.

SMaker in action

Video made by SMaker

Links where I got the very important technical tipps:
Important parts I’ve used in the project