Early 2013 I got a job to help Tom develop a Waage (in english: Balance), which will be build in the porcelain museum Leuchtenburg. This Waage have four plate, can weight four different materials at the same time. This four different materials (actually one of the plates should be always empty to keep the Waage balanced) are the material four Porcelain making. They should following the proportion 2:1:1 be mixed together in order to be burned later in to porcelain. Through this machine, the visiter will experience how hard can that be to reinvent porcelain in europe, even if the inventor Böttger has known the right material to make porcelain, it will still pay a lot of work to get the right proportion of them.
For each Waage, I build more than 12 MCU in it to control step motors, get the weight of each plate, play music file, control light effects and so on.